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We started Brookby Contracting Ltd in 2013 after deciding we would like to create a family owned and operated business in Brookby specialising in Earth Works. Mark had been working as a driller for 20 years prior and used excavators on a regular basis digging holes for his pit drill to sit in. He had seen an elderly man who owned a truck and digger which was in absolute mint condition. He was well into his 70’s so we approached him and asked him if he wanted to sell it. He was adamant he didn’t, however, a month later he phoned out of the blue and said his wife has told him it was time to retire. The rest is history…….

We purchased his setup and started Brookby Contracting from scratch as it came with no clientele. We kept his setup for the first 3 years and then couldn’t get a tipper truck for love nor money as they were so busy so we purchased our own 6 wheeler and then bought a brand new digger as the original one was getting a bit tired. We have Mark on the digger and truck. Marcus is our truck driver, and i do the admin and any other running around or on tools from time to time. Our two kids, Jordan and Willie also play a huge part in our business, they are regularly helping out, whether driving the diggers or raking, cleaning

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